"What should I do for you?" Feng Qianqian obviously can’t give up.

"All right, don’t make so much noise. They are all friends." Little red elephant squeezed in to stop the fight, but was soon squeezed out. A group of people surrounded Feng Qianqian also really made people worry. "Hey, what are you doing?" When Zhou Xu saw that someone was going to bully Feng Qianqian, he […]

Sun Hao divided this step into two stages.

The first stage is to get all the elixirs filled. It is not clear what kind of characteristics and efficacy the liquid medicine prepared before this stage is completed. It is really premature to think about how to synthesize the liquid medicine into a panacea. The correct cultivation method should be to start practicing the […]

"Dad said that he would come again when I was twenty-five years old, and grandma would definitely wait until goodbye." Grandma’s words made my eyes sour.

I clearly know that grandma is worried that she will suffer from the scourge and that one day it will be effective. "Maybe, Xiao Ran, tell grandma what happened to your father. Grandma wants to live in vain and doesn’t want to be kept in the dark all the time." Grandma opened her eyes and […]

Luo Qima understood Yip hon’s meaning and immediately sent the order.

A few minutes later, members of the secret service team rushed to the bottom cabin. Dozens of people floated around in the gravity cabin, and yip hon was surrounded everywhere like a ball. Yip hon floating in the middle of a few mid-team leader before him. There have also been some changes in the secret […]

I’m a little scared when I listen to Mu Yin’s words. Is he trying to tell me that it’s your responsibility to save the world?

"I didn’t think what you were going to do. What you have to do now is to find a way to live on your own. What I can’t help you is in your body. I think you should understand what they want to study from you?" Mu Yin’s words are very direct and have no […]

"The situation of the sisters is a bit complicated. You will know later. It is not suitable to tell you right now. Guess who I called this time?"

For Qingqing’s situation here, he always kept a high degree of attention and sent his own eyes to listen for the news. I heard that an imperial envoy went to Lady Qing’s room and there was no brotherhood of the Wolf. It should not be to hit people, but these people were a little uneasy. […]

Even the most timid and despicable people in the scene can’t do such a trivial thing! What’s worse, the heroic and merciful saint?

And just then Cedric had another word. "The benevolent saints may not be interested in secular struggle, but they dared to turn Douala into a human purgatory, which finally angered the saints!" Everyone’s confusion is solved! Yes, the Holy One is not timid and wretched, but because his messengers are not interested in the struggle […]

"Li Shu, I’m not too white"

"You are still young. He said that the commitment is the same as not saying that he can’t do the head office owner. What if he tells you that the board of directors doesn’t approve it? And do you know how long it will take to treat this disease? That’s the year unit. " Chapter […]


“噗哈哈” 汤女神看着在化妆苏落捧腹大笑呢 "What are you laughing at? Are you old and not beautiful?" Suluo cock enchanting orchid refers to big drink a way "Haha, Meimei, Meimei, who dares to say that you are not beautiful? You have won. Fans have been blown up by you. Weibo is crazy." Tang Jing waved the phone in front […]

"A little faster than I expected, but it’s normal."

"Spiritual significance is important for team development, and all forces in cities are afraid to rob the dog’s brain." Hang Yu also breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, I have already done what I have. I have two sets of big houses, one sleeve building and several sets of broken houses, which are enough at […]