Even the most timid and despicable people in the scene can’t do such a trivial thing! What’s worse, the heroic and merciful saint?

And just then Cedric had another word. "The benevolent saints may not be interested in secular struggle, but they dared to turn Douala into a human purgatory, which finally angered the saints!" Everyone’s confusion is solved! Yes, the Holy One is not timid and wretched, but because his messengers are not interested in the struggle […]

"A little faster than I expected, but it’s normal."

"Spiritual significance is important for team development, and all forces in cities are afraid to rob the dog’s brain." Hang Yu also breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, I have already done what I have. I have two sets of big houses, one sleeve building and several sets of broken houses, which are enough at […]

The fire king took Liu Chen to the forbidden area in Shi Cun, which is where Shi Hao sealed a group of people.

Because Shi Hao’s strength was already very high in those years, refining the divine source liquid was easy to seal these inferior figures. It was very simple that he wanted to be sealed by Zhenfeng, but he didn’t want to … he also sealed them. For example, the old village chief said that he had […]

After being weakened by killing the magic gun, the chopping meter is all purple, and there is not much power left.

Apart from making him look miserable, he didn’t actually leave any fatal injuries. "Come again!" Seeing the effective wind of the purple sky thunder, Zichen Haotian once again urged the law to re-evolve a purple sky thunder and continue to split at the meter. Boom Boom Boom A series of lightning strikes by the gods […]

"There will be a second batch?"

Li Jiu is already full of little stars. Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Of course, in the second batch, we will raise 2,000 rifles, 100 submachine guns, 200 pistols, and 100,000 rounds of ammunition. No one can take away the wealth of our Chinese people from outsiders! It’s natural to protect the family and the […]

Please don’t believe in rumors.

If Tang Ru was so noisy, she wouldn’t say anything more. If only she could buy these beautiful ones, she usually likes to make some clothes for herself. If such small accessories can be added to her mind, she can go out and open a tailor’s shop to make clothes, which is also very good. […]

"Don’t stop your song into the wine cup, please let me listen! Xiaoyou, long time no see! "

Jianghan suddenly turned around and looked at a road flyover with gray hair and retro clothes behind him! Wearing a blue robe, a pair of shoes with the same lines, carrying a pair of wood blade and holding a huge wine bottle gourd is such a dress that is incompatible with this modern metropolis. The […]

Yan Guhong sink a way: "Master has participated in several auctions in Jubaoge, and it has become famous. The steward of Xiao Guwu’s old house has sent a post, which must be to know the master’s predecessors."

"Oh …" After listening to Li Yuan, there was a smile on her mouth. "It’s okay to let the century get along." Yan Guhong immediately knew "white" when he heard it. After they talked again, Yan Guhong quickly disappeared into the vast fog … Li Yuanli was thoughtful in situ. The strength of the worms […]

You know, it’s just the sword light spilled by Qing Ping Jian itself. It’s not a direct attack on the beholder, but even so, the beholder can bear the terrible power from Qing Ping Jian and be blinded by the sword light.

"Yang Jian took this sword and beheaded this demon for the teacher!" The sword light fell into the hands of Yang Jian, and Yang Jian’s eyes were shining with fine mans. Directly, it was a sword that stabbed the prince with eyes on it. What do you think of the fancy of this sword is […]

Chapter 225 Spiritual resonance

These female practitioners are all covered with scarves and can’t see clearly. The face is updated the fastest. However, judging from the body shape, it should not be very bad. No, there are quite a few monks in the domain of death, and the aesthetic standards of ten thousand monks are also different, but it […]