Sun Hao divided this step into two stages.

The first stage is to get all the elixirs filled. It is not clear what kind of characteristics and efficacy the liquid medicine prepared before this stage is completed. It is really premature to think about how to synthesize the liquid medicine into a panacea. The correct cultivation method should be to start practicing the […]

I’m a little scared when I listen to Mu Yin’s words. Is he trying to tell me that it’s your responsibility to save the world?

"I didn’t think what you were going to do. What you have to do now is to find a way to live on your own. What I can’t help you is in your body. I think you should understand what they want to study from you?" Mu Yin’s words are very direct and have no […]

He has never given himself a good look since he learned that he had told the immortal emperor twice, and he still extorted more than N pills from himself and took a Tibetan ring to say what mental loss it was. What kind of apprentice is this? The whole bandit

"Ha ha, disciple, I have a good news for you." The messenger said with a smile. "release!" Li Chengzhu said without blinking an eyelid. "Cough!" The introduction of the fairy made a stumble almost fall, and finally stabilized his body shape and slowly stabilized his breath. "Don’t be angry!" Slowly took out a jade slip […]

Antonio stared at Count Josie with an expression on his face, and the fear in Count Josie’s heart made his face extremely distorted, he said in a short breath

"You didn’t do it. The President of the Magic Union Nightingale personally promised my father that I wouldn’t be tried …" Count Josie still wanted to struggle when he saw a white airflow in Antonio’s palm. The white airflow was as flexible as a rope, which trapped him more firmly than winding Count Josie. Then […]

"Thank you!" Liu Rengui got up and smiled. He stole a look at Yang You, only to find that Yang You was younger than him.

"Report to my position Duan Da fled to Yingchuan three days ago, but he didn’t stay too long and fled at noon on the same day." Hou Jun told some regrets in his heart. "This might as well be that I take Duan Da Ren’s head in the morning and evening." Yang You smiled. "I […]

If Isar pointed out something, Yu Zuji didn’t intervene in the defense work of Kara Star, so it is impossible to secretly transport the fire to Kara Star. Her words faintly indicate that she can do it … There are sea people herself.

When the commander of the navy army heard this, his forehead oozed with sweat. All the colonial bases were under his jurisdiction. If there was something wrong with a base, he was the biggest suspect! Not to mention that he also offended Arthas, the head of the "spy case". If he is used as an […]

"Take a rest, Baron Surdak. All the wounded have been treated …"

The auxiliary officer was carrying a plate of steaming marching rations at the door, and there were some lunch diced meat in it. It didn’t look good, but it tasted delicious. Surdak took the hot food and had a busy night. His stomach was really hungry. Before the heat cleared away, he swallowed it all […]

Su Yonglin decided that many former officials of the State of Jin entered the imperial court and asked them to take up positions at the central and local levels, and many of these people had confronted the Guangfu Army.

Emotions are a little hard to accept. Su Yonglin comforted this. "It is inevitable for the new dynasty to establish officials in the early and former dynasties, and some real positions must also be assigned to them. First, they are powerful and have a great influence on each other. Second, they do have sufficient administrative […]

In addition, the eleventh power is the true second power, and the power of the world of misery is condensed and rushed to the immortal position.

In such a huge battle, there has been no movement at this time. The tenth immortal pillar is restless A vast cross-shaped light appears in the northwest sky, and it seems that a pair of hands emerge from it to lead the image of Ji to the past. Chapter four hundred and forty-six Soaring Since […]

Terrans are short of innate spiritual treasures. To what extent? You can’t even do a congenital treasure with the hands of the great Taoist priest.

It’s all because of the innate creatures’ doing too much to cut the innate treasures of heaven and earth, not to mention breaking the heaven and earth, which made the later rising terran face a treasure situation. It’s also sad enough After seeing dozens of congenital spiritual treasures sent by Tongtian hierarch, Feng Zichen couldn’t […]