"Dad said that he would come again when I was twenty-five years old, and grandma would definitely wait until goodbye." Grandma’s words made my eyes sour.

I clearly know that grandma is worried that she will suffer from the scourge and that one day it will be effective. "Maybe, Xiao Ran, tell grandma what happened to your father. Grandma wants to live in vain and doesn’t want to be kept in the dark all the time." Grandma opened her eyes and […]

"The situation of the sisters is a bit complicated. You will know later. It is not suitable to tell you right now. Guess who I called this time?"

For Qingqing’s situation here, he always kept a high degree of attention and sent his own eyes to listen for the news. I heard that an imperial envoy went to Lady Qing’s room and there was no brotherhood of the Wolf. It should not be to hit people, but these people were a little uneasy. […]


“噗哈哈” 汤女神看着在化妆苏落捧腹大笑呢 "What are you laughing at? Are you old and not beautiful?" Suluo cock enchanting orchid refers to big drink a way "Haha, Meimei, Meimei, who dares to say that you are not beautiful? You have won. Fans have been blown up by you. Weibo is crazy." Tang Jing waved the phone in front […]

The fire king took Liu Chen to the forbidden area in Shi Cun, which is where Shi Hao sealed a group of people.

Because Shi Hao’s strength was already very high in those years, refining the divine source liquid was easy to seal these inferior figures. It was very simple that he wanted to be sealed by Zhenfeng, but he didn’t want to … he also sealed them. For example, the old village chief said that he had […]

"I believe you’re not lying." Yun Shang stared at Zhao Xiaocai for a long time and said slowly, "A person can hide the realm of cultivation and change his appearance, but his bone age can’t fool anyone. It’s a genius that you can have this strength when you are less than 50 years old!"

Yun Shang’s words are like a bolt from the blue. Several people have exploded in their minds. Find out Zhao Xiaocai’s bone age. They finally believe that this minor repair is probably Mahayana. Everyone shudders that Mahayana will have the means to compete with the immortal. Even Yunshang has said that this small means can […]

Andrew, Samira and Gulitim had already made preparations for the departure and waited in the courtyard of the security office.

A hunter wearing a fur robe and carrying a bow and spear was also in a dark face with several deep wrinkles. When he smiled and narrowed his eyes, he looked a little wretched. His hands were covered with cocoons. When he saw Surdak riding a horse into the hospital, he quickly hid back. Surdak […]

He also needs others to call the roll, and he can’t buy it. "Since Yumou is born and died together, he should do his bit."

Say he has come to White Love Star, sitting across from three people, pinching the pattern of gathering fire spirit array … And there are also several monks who are repairing the array road. Although most of their accomplishments are humble, they have done their best to talk about it. At that time, everyone joined […]

At the moment, there is an alien ancient god level. The strong sneak attack wants to hit Guo Yi hard.

It is the four enchanting temptations of the enchanting four demon gods, but the world is stunning, wearing exposed snow, fragrant and graceful, twisting the slender waist like four stunners. They winked at a demon in a dark battle cloud. If the face of a 16-year-old girl has long hair and beautiful legs, and her […]

Yu Qing thought it over carefully before saying, "So … do you still have to get a section of the city wall to blow it up?"

Chen she finally didn’t ask again, saying, "This is the whole process. Is it clear now?" Both nodded. "Then now you say treatment. If you talk, you can work now." The two men looked at each other and tentatively asked, "When is the company class?" "Anytime, anywhere," Chen She said, "more than 40 hours a […]

At this time, a man came in the pub. He was a middle-aged man with broad shoulders and thick chest and a ruddy face. He obviously wore a golden bell, an iron cloth shirt and practiced kung fu very well. The whole person looked like an iron shield.

The middle-aged man came to Li Zhichang and Hu Tiehua’s desk and said, "Who is Li Zhichang?" Hu Tiehua was drunk and said to Li Zhichang, "Taoist Li, someone is here to see you." However, Li Zhichang seems to be drunk and asleep, and the power of extremely carved flowers is extraordinary. Hu Tiehua is […]