"What should I do for you?" Feng Qianqian obviously can’t give up.

"All right, don’t make so much noise. They are all friends." Little red elephant squeezed in to stop the fight, but was soon squeezed out. A group of people surrounded Feng Qianqian also really made people worry. "Hey, what are you doing?" When Zhou Xu saw that someone was going to bully Feng Qianqian, he […]

Luo Qima understood Yip hon’s meaning and immediately sent the order.

A few minutes later, members of the secret service team rushed to the bottom cabin. Dozens of people floated around in the gravity cabin, and yip hon was surrounded everywhere like a ball. Yip hon floating in the middle of a few mid-team leader before him. There have also been some changes in the secret […]

"Li Shu, I’m not too white"

"You are still young. He said that the commitment is the same as not saying that he can’t do the head office owner. What if he tells you that the board of directors doesn’t approve it? And do you know how long it will take to treat this disease? That’s the year unit. " Chapter […]

Andrew, Samira and Gulitim had already made preparations for the departure and waited in the courtyard of the security office.

A hunter wearing a fur robe and carrying a bow and spear was also in a dark face with several deep wrinkles. When he smiled and narrowed his eyes, he looked a little wretched. His hands were covered with cocoons. When he saw Surdak riding a horse into the hospital, he quickly hid back. Surdak […]

Shakya’s skill of throwing an elephant makes his flesh reach the terror of thirteen dragons.

It’s five or six dragons taller than ordinary congenital first-class masters. It’s horrible. As we all know, practitioners practice the day after tomorrow, that is, Yi Long force can increase five or six dragons even if it breaks through the innate vitality irrigation body But as soon as Su Ying made a breakthrough, it was […]

I turned my eyes again. First, I poured a cup of tea, took a sip and said to me, Feiyu didn’t tell you. Hello …

"What’s wrong with me!" I suddenly slapped the table, but I was even more angry! I didn’t say anything, but I got up and left the living room after drinking a cup of tea. I watched a figure fade away. I think this scene … seems to have been seen before. Zhao Feiyu shook his […]

"Nothing is just depressed about this bss game that doesn’t explode things."

Zhao Bohao’s nonsense is to open his mouth and come without blinking. "Hey, hey, that’s probably because you’re finished. You’re so black that your hair doesn’t explode." Schilling really quipped. "I don’t have to tell you so much nonsense. Let’s hurry up with the big army." Zhao Bohao finished striding ahead directly and quickly rushed […]

After the nuclear bomb was placed, the ground troops immediately evacuated. As soon as the fleet withdrew from the danger zone, it issued a detonation command. The enemy’s nest nuclear bomb exploded instantly, and the enemy’s nest mountain suddenly arched and quickly subsided. The boulder kept falling like a toy everywhere, and the trees fell with the collapse.

A little further away, the earth shook endlessly, but there was no obvious collapse, but the vibration was so strong that even the armored vehicles kept jumping. The beachhead position on the far coast was also hit by waves, and there was a sense of earthquake, but the slight vibration did not cause any loss. […]

Self-made saint to six people have been so despised, immediately can’t help but flew into a rage, his face became ugly, and his body rose with a powerful momentum toward been persecuted.

"Hum!" Cold hum a been behind eleven ancestors witch suddenly moved. The figures criss-cross and the feet are streaked and emerge, forming a powerful battle, which connects the forces and firmly protects the earth. Boom! When the Six Saints’ coercion strikes and produces various visions, it distorts the world and reverses the edge of power […]

"I know what to do, Shu Mao!" The ferret knows that he is really anxious now, either because Shu Mao’s strength is improving too fast or because he is improving too slowly! He is not satisfied with himself.

The fact is that the former is a little more. The skunk has always recognized himself as a Shumao guard, but now his strength as a guard is even lower than that of a protector, which naturally makes him feel great pressure! Chapter 71 Patrol the battlefield (1) "Don’t worry, Lord Shumao, I know what […]