Xue Yiren said, "See?"

Li Zhichang said, "The sword is a dead thing. If you want to exert great power, you must meet the right master."
He glanced at its sword lightly and said slowly, "Many of these swords are well-known, and many of them have blown their hair and broken their hair, but they have no owners, and naturally they can’t hurt people. Only this sword still has its owner. Once drawn, it will be earth-shattering."
Xue Yiren said "good"
The gray sword fell into the hands of Xue Yiren when it was taken by Xue Yiren.
Before the sword was drawn, Xue Yi ran at Li Zhichang.
Li Zhichang took Shi Xiu Cloud out of the door and fell into the bamboo forest.
Li Zhichang whispered, "Are you afraid?"
Shi Xiuyun shook his head.
Li Zhichang said "good"
His left hand holding Shi Xiuyun right hand suddenly more than a fly knife.
No one can see how he pulled out this flying knife.
Xue Yiren stopped ten feet away.
The swordsman’s blade appears bit by bit, revealing the sword light like clear water.
The sword has been drawn out, but it has never been drawn out.
Because the sword is getting slower and slower, but the sword has been drawn all the time.
Even though Shi Xiuyun doesn’t know anything, he also knows that when this sword is pulled out, it is the time for Xue Yiren to make moves.
This feeling is like seeing dark clouds and knowing it will rain.
The real rainstorm is not terrible, but the quiet dark clouds before the rainstorm are the most terrible.
Because you don’t know when it will rain.
No matter how slow the sword is, it keeps coming out.
Li Zhichang also showed a dignified look, but hold the muscles of the two fingers of the flying knife. If you look closely, you will know that they have been in a relaxed state
Xue Yiren knows very well that the other party is throwing knives, but it is actually Gao Jianyi.
Flying knife is the meaning of appearance, but Li Zhichang’s heart can penetrate all the sword meaning
In this way, the two men confronted Xue Yi-ren, and the speed of the sword was slowing down as always. The tip of the sword was less than half an inch away from the scabbard, but it did not come out.
The wait is long
Shi Xiuyun is more worried than Li Zhichang.
But she didn’t dare to move for fear that it would affect Li Zhichang.
Suddenly, Li Zhichang flew the knife and sold it, but Xue Yiren stopped the sword and saw a ray of red sword light suddenly appear in the middle.
This ray of bloody sword light came to the shadow, but it was hit by a flying knife
A fat figure also appears impressively to Li Zhichang there.
His goal is not Li Zhichang, but Shi Xiuyun around Li Zhichang.
The sword light was shattered, followed by the blue palm shadow.
God, Jedi, destroy the big hand!
This palm feeling overbearing actually abruptly compressed the gas.
The bamboo forest behind Li Zhichang was crushed to one side.