Cixi finally broke out completely and roared at Weng Tonghe, "Weng Tonghe, this is what you do!"
Chapter three hundred and forty-six To oust Weng Tonghe
When Cixi came to the Summer Palace, she kept her stomach full. She didn’t want Guangxu to make great efforts to build the Qing Jiangshan so that he could go to see his ancestors safely. At least the Summer Palace was not worried about these trivial things. Now it was really messed up by Guangxu. The important officials in the DPRK went to kneel one after another to see so many things. What Cixi wanted to see most in the Summer Palace was Weng Tonghe, the imperial teacher. However, he had not seen Weng Tonghe’s side in the past two months!
This Weng Tonghe’s eyes have long since lost him as the Queen Mother! This is outrageous!
Cixi furious roar Weng Tonghe "Weng Tonghe, you don’t want to serve the emperor, while watching the emperor being bewitched by the reform of Dang Kang and others, your heart didn’t even want you for the reform and reform? Want you? Did you teach the emperor these things in twenty years to see what he has done in the past three months? "
Weng Tonghe was scolded by Cixi and couldn’t even lift his head. He knelt down and dared not speak.
Now Guangxu misses Li Hongzhang. Although Li Hongzhang is also a member of the Queen Mother, he still supports himself in the reform and political reform. Moreover, Li Hongzhang is very good at dealing with Lafayette, and Cixi also respects Li Hongzhang’s opinions very much. Now Li Hongzhang can’t say that he is ill. What can I do?
Cixi was still angry. "Come and pick Weng Tonghe and wear Hualing leather to all his posts and repatriate to his original place. Never tell!" I don’t know how many more outrageous things I have to do to let people like you guard the queen! "
Guangxu was frightened and said, "dear dad, please calm down and think twice."
Cixi nu way "you let me how to calm down? Look at the situation! The Manchu-Han-Mongolian flag has fallen out of control. What are your countermeasures? The New Deal has been implemented for three months. What about the local governors? You don’t want to think about anything yourself. No one supports you. Is this just the fault of local governors? You are higher than such a thing if you are told to be impatient? "
Guangxu was reprimanded and blushed for a while. I didn’t know what to say. Now the highest office of the reform party is only three. Without the imperial summons, Guangxu is not qualified to go to the court. Guangxu is alone and full of old-school ministers. Who will cheer him up and not lick the feet of Empress Dowager Cixi?
Cixi made a furious call and said, "Let’s just do it for the time being. Remember to go slowly after you implement the New Deal. You can’t listen to Kang You and a group of students. They know how to talk about things on paper. Let Li Hongzhang come back and do it. You should ask him for more advice. I’m not going to say much. After that, the two officials must pass it to Ai Jia and wait for a look before deciding on the military reform. Isn’t Rong Lu where a new army of Wu Wei is being built? Dong Fuxiang, Yuan Shikai, Song Qing, etc. are all famous generals in the country. They all have their own unique features in training, that is, the military is not arbitrarily changed. Let’s discuss it later. "
After speaking, Cixi left the Ganqing Palace with a swing of her sleeves.
The whole court was filled with exhaustion and Emperor Guangxu waved and said, "All right, you all disperse, aiming to drive the Nanhai Guild Hall."
Emperor Guangxu came to Nanhai Hall with only a few eunuchs.
Entering the South China Sea Guild Hall, Emperor Guangxu sighed that Kang saw that the emperor was in a bad mood and asked, "What happened to the emperor? Did something happen in the court today?"
Guangxu emperor fidgety way "not working? I’ve had a good day since the political reform. Today, I suddenly came to my mother’s early morning and scolded me for pushing the New Deal for quick success and quick profits. I was fired together with Master Weng. Finally, I also paid attention to suspending military innovation in the flag innovation department! "
All the seats were shocked. Tan Sitong angrily said, "Your majesty is a monarch. You have been in charge for years. This matter should have been decided by you a long time ago. Now the Queen Mother of Notre Dame is going to interfere. Isn’t her old man afraid of historical events?"
Guangxu face a nu way "resurrection shut up! The Queen Mother of Notre Dame is a respected mother of the country. How can you vilify it? This is a big violation! "
Tan Sitong blushed and knelt down and said, "It’s a legal rule that the emperor has never been allowed to run politics in the harem since ancient times. Even after Emperor Kangxi of sourdrang dowager took office, he never intervened. The emperor is a monarch. It is necessary to ensure that the governor will never listen to the emperor’s will. There is a queen mother in his eyes but no emperor!"
Guangxu’s face was dim and he said, "It’s just a resurrection. You come to the South China Sea first. I’ve been thinking about it recently. Is it just the two reasons you mentioned the other day?"
Kang You pondered carefully and said, "The emperor has been reflecting on this issue recently, and there is another reason."
Emperor Guangxu said, "Well, tell me about it."
Kang You replied, "The emperor is very simple. The emperor has just been in charge for a few years, and the Queen Mother of China has still made decisions on state affairs for a while. We have just entered the political arena. We have too little experience in governing and many things stay in theory, but the implementation level is much worse."
Guangxu nodded and sighed, "Mother said it makes sense. We are inexperienced, but the reform is drastic. We are impatient."
Liang Qichao replied, "Emperor, when can we carry out drastic reforms? We are running out of time. The western powers are developing with each passing day. They will not wait for us in front, and we will be dragged further and further."
Emperor Guangxu’s eyes flashed and asked, "What good countermeasures do you have?"
Liang Qichao said, "Since we are inexperienced in carrying out the New Deal, we can hire experienced politicians as our consultants to plan the innovation process. Germany, Japan and Russia have only promoted innovation in recent years, and we can hire their politicians as our consultants to help us carry out the New Deal."
Emperor Guangxu’s eyes lit up and asked, "Zhuo Ru, do you have a good candidate?"
Chapter three hundred and forty-seven Concealing evil heart ITO
Liang Qichao replied, "Recently, I heard that Prime Minister Ito Bowen had resigned from the post of Prime Minister, and later he went to China to formulate and promote all policies and principles. Now he has come to China to closely contact some important officials in the DPRK to support the reform of the Qing Dynasty. We can contact and see what the situation is. If possible, we can invite the general counsel of the Qing Dynasty to work for us."
Guangxu looked shocked and said, "Take care of this matter, Mr. Nanhai will come forward to handle the contact, and then I will come forward to meet and decide the follow-up matters."
Guangxu finally feels that he has seen the prospect of a bright future. Now he has been frustrated repeatedly in carrying out the New Deal. It is easy to get into it. It is said that the figurines who started the Japanese Reform and Reform came to the Qing Dynasty, and they looked excited after a long drought.
Ito Bowen did come to the Qing Dynasty. During this period, he repeatedly called on some high-ranking officials and dignitaries of the Qing Dynasty. When they met, they all gave gifts to each other. In a short time, they were very hot in the DPRK. After all, everyone had money and no hatred.
Ito Bowen is really shouldering a heavy mission here. It was the Japanese who planned the plan long ago. Ito Bowen’s international influence entered the Qing Ministry and took the opportunity to participate in the Qing government’s affairs and remotely control the Qing government’s reform policy in favor of Japan. If it fails, it will also provoke various disputes in the Qing government’s rulers, which is conducive to further foreign aggression.
Now that Zhang Yi is not in the Qing Dynasty and the court is in turmoil, this time is a godsend opportunity. When Zhang Yiyuan’s water is hard to solve and his thirst is near, a raid will destroy the military forces in the three northeastern provinces before he can lay the foundation for aggression against Qing Dynasty. Without military forces, even Zhang Yi’s strength is no longer strong.
Ito Bowen has arrived in the Great Qing Dynasty and has taken over all the intelligence agencies in Japan and China to rectify and redeploy Ito Bowen’s ability. This thing is simply a handy thing. After some adjustments, the Japanese intelligence agencies in China have become more secretive and more efficient.
For Tan Sitong and other students, these political darkness, where do they know that Ito Bowen came to China to help China carry out reform and political reform, and to be good-neighborly and friendly?
On the night of Nanhai Guild Hall, Kang You, Tan Sitong, Liang Qichao and others finally waited for the long-awaited Ito Bowen. Several people met and the two sides were seated.
Kang You said, "I’ve heard a lot about you, Mr. Ito Bowen, but it’s a great honor to meet you today."
Ito Bowen laughed. "Mr. Nanhai is polite and I’ve heard a lot about the pavilion, which is a famous scholar in Qing Dynasty. Confucianism is full of talents. I admire it very much."
After a ceremony, Kang Youcai said, "Mr. Ito Bowen, I have long heard that your country’s political reform was planned by your husband. In the past 20 years, Japan has undergone earth-shaking changes with each passing day, and now it can be called a world power. Today, Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty has made great efforts to revive the country. Nowadays, the old-fashioned forces in the DPRK are too strong to advance the New Deal. Please ask your husband to teach me."
Ito Bowen laughed. "Mr. Kang will encounter great resistance or pressure when reforming a country. So will the reform of the Japanese Empire. It is only through the end of the war that the local buffer region forces hindered the smooth implementation of the reform. It is also the case for China. It is just what I know. Isn’t your country’s general Zhang Jian’s implementation of the New Deal in Fengtian the foundation of blood and fire? Hundreds of people died. He butchered the Qing Dynasty and wanted to reform and reform, but he also needed force to suppress the old forces and reform and remove obstacles."
Kang You was surprised and said, "Isn’t there any other way for Mr. Ito Bowen? China pays attention to being kind to your life. Killing is the solution to the problem. It would be best if you could complete the New Deal without bloodshed."
Ito Bowen replied, "If you want to complete the reform without bloodshed, you need a lot of time and energy. This time is much longer than the time it takes to forcibly push it by force. It will not be completed for a while. Don’t say it’s me. Even your prime minister Li Hongzhang’s adult German iron-blooded prime minister Bismarck’s adult two heroes at that time could not do it."
Kang Youjin frowned. It seems that this matter is not as simple as you think.
Ito Bowen saw that Kang You’s worries had been pointed out, saying, "Mr. Kang is now in great control of your country, but the central country has been heavily armed, even if it wants to eliminate resistance, it is a simple matter. I don’t want to think that in the Japanese Empire, when all kinds of local forces in our country were separated, one party had its own military strength to rule the emperor, and it took nearly a hundred wars to complete the national reunification …"
Kang Younai sighed, "To tell you the truth, a large part of the Qing military and political affairs are now in the hands of the Queen Mother. Now the Queen Mother has been ambiguous about the reform and reform, which has hindered the reform and reform emperor from leading the country for a long time. There is little power in his hands."
Ito Hirobumi smiled and said, "Mr. Nanhai, this is your Qing problem. Imagine that the emperor is a country, and the word is the highest prestige of the head of state. Now you are letting a woman hold the emperor, but it is hard to understand that it is difficult to enlarge the Japanese empire. It is hard to imagine that a person’s strength must be given by the emperor and can be recovered at any time. What’s more, if you don’t have an army in your hands, it will be strange that the New Deal can be implemented. If you don’t solve the top problem, the reform and reform will eventually be nothing at all."
Kang You’s face bowed deeply to Ito Bowen and said, "Mr. Ito Bowen, you are the predecessor of all of us for the reform and reform. Now we have encountered such a big problem in the reform and reform, so please help me. I think our emperor will do his best to meet your requirements!"
The fish hooked like this!
Chapter three hundred and forty Ito Bowen fanned the wind
Three days later, Emperor Guangxu came to Nanhai Guild Hall again from the night. This was his second micro-tour. To tell the truth, he was not so nervous. After all, it was a night visit to Li Hongzhang. Cixi was not worried about Li Hongzhang’s ability to do something.
But this time it’s different. Now the contradiction between the two palaces has begun to emerge at the official critical moment of the reform and reform, and I still meet the Prime Minister a few days ago. Once Cixi knows about it, it will be a big trouble to take myself.
But now that there is no turning back, you can move forward step by step.
After Guangxu saw Ito Bowen’s greeting,
Emperor Guangxu directly asked, "Mr. Ito Bowen, now I am trying to reform and promote the New Deal. I didn’t expect that I was facing such a dilemma. Before you implemented the Reform Day more than 20 years ago, you achieved remarkable results. Please give me your advice."
Ito Bowen looked at Emperor Guangxu, who was not very magnificent. His look faintly revealed his majesty, but his face was blue. China, the king, was not very good-looking. He was not yet thirty years old, but Emperor Guangxu was already born in Huafa with a tired face.
Ito Bowen secretly sneered at the future outcome of the emperor’s throne, which was not so capable but was so powerful.
When I heard Guangxu’s question, Ito Bowen replied, "The emperor asked me to give my regards to the emperor of the Japanese empire, such as today’s reform and reform."
The initial results are far from success. In my warm political reform, I had the honor of playing Japanese Prime Minister Cheng Shen, and I have accumulated some immature experience. If you don’t dislike the emperor, I am willing to serve you wholeheartedly. "
Emperor Guangxu asked, "Then, Mr. Ito Bowen, I want to ask you how to ensure the smooth implementation of our New Deal, such as breaking the current huge resistance?"
Ito Bowen said, "It is normal for us to encounter unprecedented resistance when we look at a change, especially a great change, in ancient and modern China and abroad. The pressure we faced during the reform was better than that we faced today. If we want to throw resistance, we must have strong military backing. This is indispensable. In those days, we ruled the emperor, and there were not many troops in our hands. However, the emperor decided to send troops to conquer and reunify the country after several years. Now we are glad that it was the local governor." Although Fu doesn’t listen to the greeting, he is still loyal and needs a force barrier. Fortunately, he is advancing. He is interested in obstructing the local DPRK ministers to kill all the way in the past. There is no conflict and bloodshed. It is impossible to succeed in the reform and reform. To clear the obstacles, I am willing to help you make a name for yourself in the history of Zhongxing Daqing Weiye! "
Emperor Guangxu hesitated. "Your plan is really good, Mr. Ito Bowen. I also know that what you said is that most of the country is now."
I’m a soldier if she doesn’t agree. "
Ito Bowen laughed. "Don’t you think there is no one who is loyal to the emperor? Even if there is no emperor, you can make an unprecedented position, and money will be rewarded, but there will be brave men. "
"This ….." Guangxu emperor smell speech has some conation.
At this time, Lin Xu took two steps and said, "When I bid farewell to Zhang Jian’s adult in Mukden, Zhang Jian’s adult once told me that if I really need to use force, Iktangga will be the biggest help for me! Why don’t the emperor and his ministers tell Lord Iktangga to take his troops into Beijing to relieve himself in the vicinity of Gyeonggi, so that if you really want to use force, Lord Iktangga’s 20,000-town border troops will be a sharp sword in your hands! "
Emperor Guangxu moved Iktangga in his heart! This man is good. Iktangga has always been brave and devoted to state affairs. If it is true, it is a good candidate
However, Guangxu suddenly thought of the scene that Cixi met Iktangga together some time ago. But Iktangga was ambushed by Cixi Guangxu. A nail was used to guard against Zhang Jianwei’s failure to prepare chess. Now what should I do if it is recalled to Beijing?
Guangxu Emperor Sese said, "You don’t know that Zhang Jian’s imprudence is not bound by the court now. Iktangga is the mother who put Zhang Jian out to contain an important chess game and dropped him back to Beijing at this time.
What about outside? "