"I know!"

"Er … Dean Li, don’t you look at these laboratory reports?"
"I’m a Chinese medicine practitioner. Why do I look at these things?"
"Why do you want Mu Lao to do these tests if you don’t look at these?" Director Yang wait for a while asked.
"These are just for you to see. Without these laboratory reports, I said that Mu Lao’s physical condition just turned and you didn’t believe me!"
Director Yang suddenly felt very tired.
I am despised, right? I must be.
Well, at this moment, he has made up his mind to go back and look for some Chinese medicine books.
Yeah, especially this guy who compiled those
I heard that his son is learning from him and it is no accident that he will definitely enter the health care group in the future.
He doesn’t want to be despised by Li Chu now and by his son in a few years.
In that case, he estimated that he might explode in situ.
"Is Yang Jumu sleeping or awake now?"
"I’m asleep, too. The doctor on duty said I woke up early, drank the medicine and a bowl of porridge, and just slept for a while."
"Now that I’m asleep, I won’t go there. I’ll go out for something later and come back in the afternoon."
See Li Chu want to go, director Yang quickly added, "Dean Li, please wait a moment."
"Director Yang, there are still things. You said"
"Well, Dean Li said that when you discussed the illness of Mu Lao that day, what was the phlegm heat and what was the disease …"
"Director Yang, do you want to say that phlegm-heat interaction hinders wind-wood dynamic fibrillation?"
"Ah rightness rightness is this! Do you say this is the same as Parkinson’s disease? "
"Yang Bureau, you said that Parkinson’s disease is what western medicine calls it, and this pathogen is called tremor paralysis, which is a kind of middle-aged and elderly nervous system disease, and it is similar to our Chinese medicine tremor disease and belongs to tremor syndrome.
Just now, you said that the name is also Form One, which is a classification. "
"You mean these two are a disease?"
"You have to think so, but" Li Chu is too lazy to explain to him.
His words also gave Director Yang a toothache, but he continued to ask.
"Dean Li, can you cure this tremor from the perspective of your Chinese medicine?"
"It’s hard to say that I want to keep it as long as possible. I don’t have that anyway."
This sentence behind him was directly regarded by Director Yang.
"Dean Li, what state do you think this maintenance is maintained?"
"For example, Mu Lao’s physical state is like this now …" Li Chu said while imitating the hand model.
"After treatment, the best state can be like this …"
"So awesome!" Director Yang looked at Li Chu’s hand and sighed from the heart.
"This is the ideal state."
"Dean Li, can you please do something?"
"You say!"
"My father-in-law just has Parkinson’s disease. Can you help me treat it?"
Chapter five hundred and fifty-six Change
"Yeah, just bring someone over!"
"Really? Thank you! "
"What’s there to thank for this? I’m a doctor." Li Chu gave a dismissive hand.
"Dean Li, I have no more questions here. You should be busy first if you have something to do."
Director Yang has been able to face up to the gap between himself and Li Chu.
A western doctor, he finally realized that he was a frog at the bottom of a well by treating Mu Lao this time.
However, this also makes Li Chu more confused
Director Yang’s current status, even before he came to be the director, he should be able to come into contact with many Chinese medicine doctors.
But what he will not like Chinese medicine? Li Chu can feel that he is not only not optimistic, but subconsciously hates Chinese medicine.
But now it’s all right.
Being a medical worker, a worker can take the initiative to find another doctor to treat his relatives, which can tell the current situation very well.
From the special needs building to Li Chu, I went back to the administration building to talk to Ding Qiunan about something, but I was turned away.
Ask the sentry outside the building to know that someone just borrowed a bike and went out.
Hey, you learned to skip work. This is
Don’t ask, you must have gone to the department store.
I got up early this morning and was dragged by Wang Yueyue to discuss the wedding dress.
This girl actually wants to sew her own wedding dress and consult her future mother-in-law
Li Chu quite agrees with this, not because of saving money or anything, but because he thinks it will be very memorable.
I talked to Zhao Zhijun, and then I went straight out of the hospital in a field military vehicle.
There’s no hurry to go to Uncle Shen’s. It’s still early for lunch.
Tian Jun drove to Xu Damao’s hotel first.
The business of the hotel is very good now, either because of its good quality and low price, or because of its comfort.
At least here, are you worried that the clerk will slap your face or be beaten and scolded?
Sophora japonica and xiaodang have arrived in the hotel, and three people are cleaning the first floor with another clerk.
I’ve been in class for half a month, and these two girls have completely loved it here.
Although they are really a little tired when they are busy, they are not afraid of being tired but afraid of being poor.
I just came here for a week and happened to touch the hotel to get paid, because they just came here and got paid this time without them.
However, LouXiaoE was kind enough to advance ten dollars to each of them so that they could buy something for themselves.
This ten dollars is the biggest money that two girls have got by themselves.
Sophora japonica and Xiao Dang both wept bitterly at that time.
See Lou Xiaoe eyes are red.
Should I say that these two girls are much later than their brother? After returning home, each of them gave Qinhuai such as five yuan to leave money, and they were reluctant to save flowers for themselves.
I was cleaning up when Yu Guang saw someone coming in at the door and quickly looked up and said with a smile, "Sorry, guests, we … Li Shu?"
"Small when right?" Li Chu nodded with a smile and turned to look at another one with a rag in his hand and called himself a girl timidly.
"Are you Sophora japonica? Hello, how about Xu Damao? "
"Wait a moment, Dr. Li. I’ll call the boss for you." Another member has let go of the mop and walked to the back.
"Li Shu, please sit down and I’ll get you some water."
"Don’t be so busy, when I say a few words, I’ll leave."
Although Li Chu said so, Xiao Dang insisted on pouring him a glass of water.
"ChuGe how do you come so early? There are things you can say. "
People haven’t come yet. Xu Damaoyin came from the backyard, and then he lifted the curtain and walked out, followed by Lou Xiaoe.