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Chapter seven hundred News
Who would have thought of this? Hearing this explanation, Li Chu and Ding Qiunan looked at each other
"Hey, that’s amazing. He even knows ventriloquism."
This is really the first time he has met this craftsman.
"Can you be sure that they are going for money?" Aside from that question, Li Chu asked with a serious look.
Ding Qiunan saw her husband’s face slightly stunned. She didn’t know about it yet, but she didn’t continue to listen, holding the child and turning into the bedroom.
"The initial judgment is to rush for money, but we will continue to investigate one."
"Well, you must understand this. You may not know that the old Fu is active for the country. Many people are staring at this case now."
Wang Jiadong heard my uncle say this, and his look changed slightly. He really didn’t know that.
"I know, uncle, I will let the pre-trial comrades continue to interrogate again, and I will also take people to investigate thoroughly."
"Well," Li Chu nodded. "Please, Jia Dong."
"Uncle, you hit me in the face when you told me this."
"Come on, hurry back and rest. Look at your dark circles. They’re almost catching the national treasure."
"If there is any news, I’ll tell you uncle, and you should go to bed early."
Ding Qiunan stopped when she saw her husband come in and hummed to the child.
"The house is gone?"
"Well, I haven’t had a good rest for many days when I went back, that is, I am in good health."
"That’s not because of your uncle?"
"I’m not a fairy." Li Chu shook his head. "Is the child asleep?"
"oh oh"
I haven’t waited for Ding Qiunan’s reply yet. Little stinky treasure seems to know that Grandpa asked him and answered his question first.
"Bitch, go to sleep quickly."
"You have to put him to sleep. I think he seems to have recovered. I’ll take a shower first."
Ding Qiunan skid turned to the bed.
The little stinky bed followed suit and turned over, and then when he sat up, he didn’t sit still and fell to the other side, yelling at him for two times, then sat up again, fell down and sat up again.
I fell down three times in a row, and that’s when I sat still. I was happy to sit there giggling and clapping my hands.
This scene can make Ding Qiunan, who is already under the bed, pick up a laugh and finish it.
Show it to Li Chu, too. He sat down on the bed and leaned against the crib to pick up the little smelly treasure and let it sit in his belly
As he breathes and sucks, the little stinky treasure rises and falls, and grandpa’s belly is still a little stunned when he first arrives, and then he squats and plays, giggling and ringing.
"Honey, please give the baby some milk powder and then go to take a shower. I’ll play with him for a while, and I think he should be sleepy, too."
Sure enough, Ding Qiunan made a good milk powder and went to take a shower in a few minutes. Little stinky Bao yawned with his mouth open and then raised his hand and rubbed his eyes.
When he saw it, Li Chu took the bedside table bottle and put it directly into his mouth, then put him in the innermost mattress of the bed.
The baby has fallen asleep before the milk in the bottle is finished, and the pacifier is still in his mouth.
"Are you asleep?"
"Well, I haven’t finished my milk yet. There’s one mouthful left for you to drink."
"Why don’t you drink it? Just let me drink it. I think I’m getting fat," Ding Qiunan said with some dissatisfaction.
"Who said you were fat? You didn’t look so relaxed when I hugged you late."
"Hey …"
Li Chu smiled and took the towel and began to wipe her hair.
"Honey, what do you say we wait a year or two before Yueyue and Wenxuan have a baby?"
"ah? How can you have this idea? " Li Chuzheng wiped his hair and gave his hand a slight meal.
"Don’t you think there are too few people in our family?"
"But have you considered the policy issues? There is also the willingness to have problems every month. "
"The first question is up to you. I believe you can solve the second question. I’ll solve Yueyue and Wenxuan." Ding Qiunan raised his hand and patted his chest and said.
"You gave it to your daughter-in-law if you didn’t finish it yourself."
"Li Chu, you hate how you can’t open any pot."
"Okay, okay, I put my foot in my mouth. It should be that I didn’t finish it. After all, having a baby is not your own business."
"Hum ~"
I left early the next day, and when I entered the hospital, I didn’t arrive until ten or twenty minutes later.
As soon as Li Chu parked his car and walked into the outpatient hall, he saw several people surrounded, including an outpatient nurse and an emergency doctor.
The young doctor is talking to a middle-aged woman.
He walked into the bench and saw two children sitting there. One little girl was a little older and seven years old. She was sitting there crying, her left arm was still hanging down, and the other was a little boy of four or five years old.
"What happened to Xiao Liu?" Li Chu slapped the nurse on the arm and asked.
"ah? Good morning, Li Zhu. This lesbian kid accidentally twisted her arm while playing early. It should be dislocated, but I don’t know if there is any fracture. Doctor Chang didn’t dare to move without seeing the film, but filming hasn’t started yet. "
Talking to the mother of the child, Dr. Chang turned to see the people behind him and said hello at once.
"Let me see" Li Chu smiled and squatted in front of the little girl and said softly, "Let me see if your arm is good, little friend."
The little girl was a little scared and turned her immobile left arm backwards.
"Let me see how these two sweets are for you and your brother?" Li Chu took two sweets from his pocket and said.
The temptation of sugar is really great. The little girl sobbed and said, "Uncle hurts."
"Don’t worry, let me have a look and it won’t hurt. I’ll be gentle, okay?"
Mother was a little anxious with her child by her side. She was just about to speak when Dr. Chang pulled her to stop talking.