One tenth of the whole East Side was razed to the ground and the tall buildings collapsed.

If so, that’s not bad. What is even more frightening is that the ground suddenly bursts and the terrorist impact goes out in rows like a serial bomb. This time, the influence of Dongcheng is still the biggest. Many skyscrapers collapsed and countless civilians were crushed. Traffic paralysis, network interruption, a scene of dire straits […]

Time flies. Li Yu has never gone through the precipitation again. After 100,000 years, he realized the vicissitudes of the world. Once, the spring breeze was soft and fragrant, and the metal halls of Shenshan were majestic and magnificent.

But in a blink of an eye, all the ruins and ashes are faintly visible, and the broken tiles and rafters are all made of metal, otherwise they will not remain now. People who used to shine brilliantly can return to the grave in the end if they shine brilliantly. "This is reincarnation and this […]

Hu Yingxue took out three heavenly souls. Dan, a white-haired man, also called squire, sent a Pian Yu Jane to the shopkeeper on one side. Even if this transaction was completed, Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan could take them to have a big meal in the box of Qianli Inn, but then Hu Yingxue would go to Xishan Xianzong. When the transaction was completed, they got up and left.

This time, the white-haired man got up and sent Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan to the door of his room. When Hu Yingxue walked out of the door, he turned to ask a sentence "I almost forgot to ask the name of my friend." The white-haired man smiled and replied, "My name is." When walking […]

Tony Stark sneered when he saw Deadpool’s life and death. "It’s better for us to go for a ride."

Deadpool hide behind the mask I’m blue in the face "face gas is better? The noodles are not angry, okay! ! !” Tony Stark couldn’t help praising "Common sense is my friend" another side ground I don’t know how to live or die. Female Deadpool rushed towards Goofy. Goofy was dazzled by two muscles in […]

Muhai sensed the surging power in the whole body and secretly clenched his fist.

"The soul force has become stronger again, reaching the middle of the stone soul, and the release distance of my god knowledge has reached 7 kilometers in Fiona Fang, a full increase of 2 kilometers." Muhai andao is excited. The gains from last night to today are great. Today happens to be September 14th. It […]

Wu Ming’s figure gradually surpassed that of Empress Been, and he kept moving forward and approaching the other shore.

It is gradually that the white jade boat slows down. At this moment, the eyes of several fairy gods are all gathered. Wu Mingshen is ecstatic to see that he is about to board the other shore. It was not long before the hearts of the gods got up, and Wu Ming stopped at a […]

Otherwise, like ordinary animals outside, how can most of them absorb moonlight energy? Since Meng Qiyou’s pursuit, he has not been so resistant to what happened in the Black Emperor Sect.

And to tell the truth, Miss Fang Da is actually very kind to him, although she always loves to tease him, but it’s just for fun. After this period, Meng Qi found that Fang Ling Ling Ling was actually a good girl, but she had a strange temper. Maybe she was stimulated when she was […]

German fighter planes fly overhead from time to time, and they all run out of fuel or ammunition before returning. In most cases, they will turn a blind eye to these low-value Soviet targets. After all, there are too many Soviet targets. Now it is not that there is no chance to bomb them, but that they cannot be bombed at all.

Let go of the telescope and fly farther and farther into the sky. The German fighter plane left its pie mouth. Ryan jumped from the tiger tank turret and looked at it by the turret. Alice was wiping the heading machine gun. I have to say that The Story Of Diu Sim, who has been […]

At the end of the tunnel is a hall that shocked several people in Guo Xiaosi. It is not the layout of the hall, but the people who are densely arranged in the hall. These people are all painted with ceramics, and they are all dressed in fairy soldiers. Although they are lifeless, Guo Xiaosi can still feel the majesty of these pottery figurines.

Guo Xiaosi three people are on a high platform. Besides seeing the pottery figurines in the main hall, they can also see the stone platform surrounded by this group of pottery figurines. This stone platform is conically inverted and a bundle of bamboo slips is suspended on the stone platform. Teacher Li, you just stay […]

Qi Shaochen heard him say this and knew that he had the background and didn’t care about other things. He went out directly from the interrogation room and slowly walked outside. He sat down in the chair and sighed a little and didn’t know what.

The lips are tight and Qi Shaochen looks at the ceiling. A flash of eyes means no emotion. "Let’s see who is more calm!" Gu Jingke’s side Zhuo Zhi sat in the chair opposite Gu Jingke and grinned. "I don’t know what the police officer asked me to come to the police station?" His face […]