"She was hit by a car last night!" Bai Lulu was complacent when she heard this sentence. She wanted everyone to know that Lu Xiusi was taking care of her now!

"Good, you Lu Xiusi, you left Shen Nuo to take care of your ex-girlfriend!" Chen Haoxuan hangs up in anger. At this time, Lu Xiusi is still worried that Shen Nuo may have been hurt by his angry words yesterday. He wants to go to her immediately after receiving the words, but looking at this […]

After playing in the sea for a long time, Liu Kungen is also very resistant. He can’t kill Xiaoqiang unless he consumes his spiritual power.

If the current speed is to consume Liukun’s spiritual power cleanly, it will take half a day at least. Killing Liu Kun is really hard work! "Boom …" Another punch in Liukun’s face. Let his eyes see stars and look painful. "Small is that you forced me to let you see my real strength today!" […]

Besides, Meng Qi, the quilt cover, also made a gentle sneer. This purple fragrance was so angry that he firmly grasped the silk and was pulled by force, but Meng Qi naturally wouldn’t give up, and he was also caught by the quilt.

You know, this silk quilt is flexible, but where can it withstand Machamp’s pulling? Soon it was heard that it was cracked. And Zixiang is trying to know that this quilt will suddenly crack? One is to lean back, which is just lying in Meng Qi’s half body. When Zixiang fell, she felt something hard […]

Less than a hundred years? This time, Ai Zhuoshui was really surprised. You know, even when she was practicing then, it was a full 130 years. For the demon family, it was extremely great to practice then for 130 years, but Meng Qi turned out to be less than a hundred years.

But what can this prove? Cultivating immortality is no better than anything else. Ai Zhuoshui has never seen those so-called geniuses whose cultivation speed is amazing, but not many of them can go far behind. Because these people made a breakthrough in the early stage, he laid a weak foundation, so that those with unstable […]

Lu Yichen looked down at him coldly in front of him and said, "Did you know that Yan Muqing had dinner with his colleagues last night?"

Yan Muqing’s heart thumped with an intuition that Sue’s late love must have had an accident, otherwise he wouldn’t be so angry. "I don’t know." Yan Muqing really didn’t know that Sue came to the palace last night. If he knew, he would take good care of her. Lu Yichen pressed his anger and asked, […]

Su Kang looked at Su Lan’s pale face and sighed deeply.

This is from her baby to her daughter. What should he do if he doesn’t take out these debts? You can’t watch her being sued to the police station by Sue, can you? Su Lan has just exposed such a scandal on the Internet. If she is accused to the police station again, her reputation […]

No one has welcomed her so much since she was a child.

Liu Yichen took the luggage to the building, fearing that the little woman would trouble him because of the clothes, and hung the clothes neatly in the dressing room before going downstairs. Wenyiting took Sue late inquisition. Sue was a little embarrassed to say, "Mom didn’t prepare gifts for you and dad because she was […]

And Tian Tianlong, aware of the immediate crisis, got together again and once again met for the first time. Before the fan-shaped battle, he lined up and waited for Chen Shisan Lang to attack.

Three words away, the cloud finally changed from a monk to a wave, and arranged for his qualitative change. During the time when Gong Sunqing and his three daughters were together, he was still a little shy and angry, and finally he became a free and easy person. He wanted to say what he wanted […]

This game is a shoo-in and murderous.

Teng always smiled and didn’t speak again. The closer he got, the more he should clean up his mind and prepare for the battle. Gentle eating at home is also eating. I can’t always help but look at my mobile phone. Professor Teng and they are actually nervous. No matter how it ends, if at […]

Hongjun regretted fooling Xurui here. He felt that Xurui must have dyed him bad luck, otherwise he would never have met and never appeared away from the fire again. Then he saw Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu appear next to the fire faucet.

Eyes flashing and flashing Hongjun really retreated back, at the same time, he ordered them to take the spirit beast, zerg and refined resin borrowed from Xurui. Hongjun’s hand also hesitated, but those spirit beasts, zerg and refined resin did not hesitate at all, so he went to Hongjun’s heart and successfully separated him from […]